My Life Abroad

Fake Smiles & Heart Break Abroad

Fuck a fake smile is a decently good thing to live by, considering faking doing well does almost nothing for anyone ever, but I’ve been putting on the most fake ass smile this whole month. The last three weeks have been some of the worst in my life, and there are certain things you just…

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Rose-colored Everything ❤

Most of us have moments where we are snapped into reality. I, though, apparently do not. My little brother asked me the other day if it had settled in yet that I was living in Korea, and after being here for 2 months, I told him very confidently that “No, it has not.” I keep…

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My Arrival in Korea

This reads much more like a journal entry than my other posts do, so you have been warned. I’m also writing this at 12am knowing I need to wake up for work in a few short hours, which probably makes this a little more incoherent than I’d like. But anyway, here’s how my life has…

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Living in Korea!

I’m currently living in Daejeon, South Korea! It’s an absolute dream here, and I’d love to share my adventures with you ❤

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