Justice & Glory

If you’re going to read what I have to say, please make sure you pursue learning and listening and supporting and loving what Women of Color are already saying. What I’m saying is nothing new but might reach someone not paying enough attention to the Women who should be getting the attention.

Here are some of my favorite authors/speakers/artists to listen to, follow, support, and every other thing to turn attention toward their work:

  • Austin Channing
  • Stormy Mae Nesbit
  • Arielle Estoria
  • Jackie Hill Perry
  • Morgan Harper Nichols
  • Juliette Foxx
  • Melarie Odelusi
  • Marcie Alvis-Walker
  • Emily Sanchez
  • Aisha Branch
  • Latasha Morrison

Now, I’ve been thinking about this a lot the last few weeks (well, really more like the last year) as the conversation of race has come up more prominently on social media. And obviously, it’s important that we have these conversations on all platforms–sharing accurate information, making sure those around you know what’s going on in the world–it matters so, so much.

But do not be fooled that sharing information on social media is where the activism, the justice-seeking, and the advocating end. It can be tempting to just share an infographic and then do absolutely nothing else. Because you checked the social box, it seems like, and you’ve avoided the public shame that comes along with not saying something on Instagram.

And as much as that may make you feel good about yourself, I would really like you to remember that seeking justice is not going to be done in 30 second phone swipes.

Black bodies, Latinx bodies, Asian bodies, First Nations bodies, Pacific Islander bodies all deserve to be lifted up and celebrated so unashamedly and excitedly because every body, every person, is worth the hype and goodness and glory of the humanness and holiness that resides within each individual as created in God’s own glorious image. POC bodies are glorious, and so deserving of fighting for.

Actually being part of change is going to require sacrifice. Whether financial, time, relational (you know, having those awkward conversations when a friend or family member says something racist), there will be some kind of “inconvenience” (for lack of a better word) involved. Because the cause of seeking for something greater, something more whole and good and actually just, flies in the face of everything that the powers of evil are persisting. And it’s something well worth anything it might “cost” you because, you know, people are actually experiencing racism??? You can deal with some confrontation and shifts in your budget to begin to reconcile and provide some recompense for hundreds of years worth of racial injustice. And it’s actually not a sacrifice–it should be an honor to pursue what is Good and to celebrate beauty and diversity and justice.

We are not here to give ourselves medals or receive some kind of reward or recognition for doing what is a most basic human decency–loving and standing for those around you.

This month, in working both personally and communally to fight against injustice, take some time to support as many Women of Color as you can–celebrating Women and POC is a phenomenal thing. There are so many amazing women doing the work–work that has been thrown at them by a society that is constantly crushing and putting them last. Buy from, hype up, and pursue aggressive justice with your time and resources to build up the Women who absolutely deserve it the most. And where Women of Color finally get the love, attention, and justice they deserve more than anyone, the entire world becomes better.

And you don’t need to listen to what I have to say anymore–listen to Women of Color.

Educate yourself, invest your money, invest your time, and lift up Women of Color like crazy.


With Love,


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