Success and Eternity

I find myself thinking often of how strange life is. Our plans are wildly unreliable and the world is the most unpredictable place.

A lot of my life has been built around what’s next–what job, what classes, what city–and things hinge so greatly on what I think my next step should be. Now, granted, I am the most type A person I’ve ever met, but I think even my type B people may be able to relate to what I’m saying–sometimes we depend so aggressively on what we think our next step should be; we hang our hats on what is not sure based on how we have chosen to believe our lives ought to go.

Because, the very, very important thing that we often forget is that God has very different ideas about how our lives are best spent than we do. And it so happens that His ideas are exponentially greater than our own. We stop ourselves and our dreams at such a low level compared to where God’s purpose for us lies. Our ideas of accomplishment and success are wrapped so tightly around the values that the world has pushed into our minds as being important that we have easily placed the values of the Kingdom on the back burner.

We fail or succeed based on what values we are measuring our lives up against. When we keep the Kingdom at the forefront of our minds, our lives don’t have to be ruled by the ever-changing whims of what society deems successful and good enough.

We become overwhelmed with the ideas of where we could go and who we could be in THIS world. But this world is not the final goal of any kind of measure as to where our value lies.

And I think the way we should look at success is well summarized in this quote from C.S. Lewis: “It is not your business to succeed but to do right. When you have done so the rest lies with God.”

Where we just listen to what God is calling us to, where we just walk in step with righteousness, we are successful. And to the world, following God may look like a waisted life, like a failure, but I think we could learn to be much less concerned about how the world sees success and a lot more about how the way we live our lives will echo into Eternity–I know I could.


With Love,


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