Staked on the Goodness of God

We love to sing about how good God is. Our worship, most quoted Bible verse, and prayers for one another are saturated with reminders that God is Good. And He is–He is incomparably and incomprehensibly Good.

He is so Good that we cannot wrap our minds around it–so good we cannot begin to imagine how far and away our personhood is from that Goodness. So Good that every desire fulfilled in and by this world could not even compare an infinitesimal amount to being with Him for a fraction of a moment.

And are you willing to stake your reputation on His Goodness? Because I feel like we would be a lot more inclined to pursue His will for us, where He’s calling us, more steeped in prayer, if we were really staking everything on His Goodness–if we really, truly believe that God is as Good as He is, it isn’t even a risk.

He is the only consistent (not the most consistent, the ONLY) anything in the entirety of what is the universe and space in which we inhabit and all the ones that we don’t, and if that is not enough for us to actually act as if He is Who He says He is, then I don’t know what is.

And I’m not just pointing fingers here because I am quite terrible at living well into everything God Is. I find myself praising His Goodness in one moment and then not totally trusting that He will come through in another–believing that my trials and tribulations (which are often quite minor) suddenly mean He is not Good or Faithful. I am very narrow-sighted–I think we all tend to be that way.

Acting in the Goodness of God seems marvelous in theory, but in practice it is hard. There may be no risk in leaning into the Goodness of God–He is always good, so there’s never a possibility He won’t be–but there is the risk of losing in the world’s eyes. But I think when we remember who this whole story is actually about, it won’t matter who else is watching or what they think. Other people will watch your life, and they will think whatever they would like to about you, and you can do nothing about that, and they are not your intended partner for this life anyway. And when I say partner, I don’t mean your romantic counterpart, family, friends, or what have you–I mean that absolute, final, foundational, most intimate, most critical relationship of them all with the One Who handcrafted the universe. He’s the one Who can see the completed tapestry on the other side of Eternity and Time that we have yet to pass into. People in this world will see you doing the things God has called you to, and they will call you foolish, short-sighted, close-minded, and a failure–but they are only seeing the back of the tapestry with string over-crossed, hanging threads, knots, and muted colors. God is calling you from the Heavenly place of Holiness and Wholeness in His sight, and the world is calling you from the broken back of a project they have no idea is even being created.

God, if He is even half as Good as He says He is, is worth every moment of rejection and hate from the world. He is worth staking our reputations on and having our reputations ruined over. They called Jesus Beelzebub, and they’ll say things about us, too, because staking everything on the Goodness of God is absolutely radical and completely ridiculous where the values of our little earth are concerned.

There is a Greater Story than what we are physically seeing and experiencing–a tangibility much more solid than the changing, unreliable pace of our lives in time right now. And one day, we will see Goodness in His fullness, and the moments of questioning His Goodness and uncertainty about His Will will find themselves resolved.


With Love,


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