Fear, Change, and God’s Steady Foundation

With the semester coming up quickly and life, like the adult on my own kind of life, quickly approaching, I’ve noticed myself slowly beginning to return to patterns of anxiousness that come along with the routine of classes and strict schedules while also looking toward the unknown that comes with college graduation.

And I’ve been overwhelmed by the possibilities of what life might look like a year from now and equally as overwhelmed by the anxiousness of whether or not next year will look remarkably the same.

And it’s okay to acknowledge the anxiousness, but Lord help me if I let it take over instead of Jesus as I move into this next chapter. We do a remarkably good job at convincing ourselves that freaking out is going to bring us into some place of fulfillment. Getting wrapped up in what we cannot control and in what we don’t know won’t bring us into any kind of life-space we’re looking for–it will only leave us desperate and clinging to things that can never fulfill us.

Constantly thinking about the job I’m hoping for, where I want to live, who I want to be with–it’s not going to bring lasting peace. There is space to hope for those things, but to allow it to be our focal point, to let our worry commandeer our thoughts and joy is to sacrifice the best of what God is calling us to.

Our constantly turning to fear as our source of control only forces our eyes opposite the gracious gifts God is just waiting for us to receive. Because the opposite of fear is not courage, the opposite of fear is love, and that is why there is so much power over our anxiousness when we run to the feet of Jesus. The greatest weapon we have against what we feel defeated and overrun by is the consistent return to the Love of Christ.

We are ever-dependent on His goodness and grace and in the moments we take our eyes off of Him, we suddenly come to believe it is all up to us, even as every breath we take is dependent on His providence.

“Relying on God has to begin all over again every day as if nothing had yet been done.” (C.S.Lewis)

So as the seasons change and life takes its unpredictable turns, there is One Who’s whole self since Eternity Past into Forever is All Good, All Loving, and Unchanging. And in Him, we can rest steady amidst it all.


With Love,


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