Where There is Wisdom

I have been craving Wisdom.

Everything I’m seeing everywhere has two incredibly strong opposing opinions screaming that the “other” are evil and inhumane for believing what they do. Everything is divided, and I have become especially anxious about it in the last few weeks. So, last night, I deleted Twitter and TikTok because my emotions couldn’t do it anymore.

And this morning, as I was sitting down for my quiet time, trying to figure out where in the Bible to go, I realized what I probably should have realized months ago when all of these things started me on this very special anxiety train, that Proverbs is a great place to find Wisdom.

And I began to read, and immediately I saw how terribly easy it was for me to find peace in Scripture, and yet, I did not pursue it, for some reason or another. I think complacency is easy—even when we are afraid, (maybe especially when we are afraid) not taking action seems nice. Just, ignore it or don’t partake in anything—watch and wonder. Don’t say anything definitive because what if you’re wrong? What if you are told you’re wrong and then thrown out like trash?

Our world has decided forgiveness is unnecessary and redemption is a joke, which seems to make even asking questions scary. And then, this morning, I read something in Proverbs that stopped me in my tracks because it felt like the answer to all the questions I’d been asking:

“…but whoever listens to me [Wisdom] will dwell secure and will be at ease, without dread of disaster.” (Proverbs 1:33)

Where there is Wisdom, there is also Peace, and we have access to all of that in Christ. So why are we so hesitant to pursue these gifts? Why did we stop at salvation and say nope, no more gifts, no more good things. I’ll stop here because the work is done. The work of salvation may be done, but there’s a lot that comes with salvation. Jesus didn’t just rise from the dead and say, “Alright, job done.” No! He continues to step down from the highest of highs—from the Heavenly places—into our messy Now. He continues to pursue us. The Victory was won at the Cross, but the battle continued because there are still people, souls, on this finite timeline begging for rescue.

Scripture doesn’t say we will need to pick up our crosses once a month, once a year, once a decade—daily, daily, daily, we need to pick up our crosses and with it, the Power and Glory we share with the victory of the cross in Jesus. “Relying on God has to begin all over again every day as if nothing had yet been done.” (C.S. Lewis)

Ours is not a “once in a blue moon” discipline—it’s an everyday re-surrendering to a Will that is not our own until that Will eventually does become our own. Every day, every hour, every minute, every second, a laying down of ourselves and a bowing down to the Only One who has ever truly known us. I don’t think we emphasize enough the fact that God literally knows us better than we know ourselves, and yet we still try to take our own ideas, dispositions, and nature over His.

We are built to be with Him and fulfilled by Him and by nothing and no one else.

Nothing and No One Else.

I think, once we can actually say, “Only You Jesus, and no one else,” there is a release from needing any kind of societal approval—there’s removal from the need to seek answers from the media, from other people, because our whole self is being derived from who our Creator says we are and Who He Is. There isn’t need for so much anxiousness, confusion, or striving in His Presence and Purpose.

“…but whoever listens to me [Wisdom] will dwell secure and will be at ease, without dread of disaster.” (Proverbs 1:33)

Without dread. What a life to live in the panic-stricken society we have been graced to be a part of. What a life to live, dread-free, secure, at ease, in a world that is everchanging and seems to be exceptionally terrifying all the time. Our story doesn’t have to be rooted in fear or unforeseen change or panic or the whims of a society that has absolutely no foundation on anything lasting.

We forget that we are founded on Eternity Himself. From Everlasting to Everlasting, there is just Him. Everything else fades, but He never does. Fame, money, power, influence—it will all fade to nothing. The Only Thing standing will be Him. At the end of the day—we are either founded in Promise or not. We choose God or we choose something else.

I would really like to not live in fear anymore. A life free of dread, founded on security, not of any kind of human understanding of security, but on the Eternal and the Lasting Himself as the secure foundation to which I am rooted.

We don’t think often enough of how everything else will fade, but He will not. He will never fade. Hallelujah.


With Love,


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