This time of year always brings me great pause–it’s like a perfect breath and a calming reset that overwhelms the disappointments, confusions, and distractions, which have taken over my thoughts for some time. It’s this perfect Peace–this everything beautiful moments where baby’s cry meets everything imperfect in me. And in a moment–in just one moment, everything is different. Everything has changed, hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah.

There’s something about the shift in heart posture–the disposition toward giving and graciousness that more of the world seems to have in these few Advent weeks. There’s something about the anticipation of the most foundational moment in all our history that pulls us ever closer to the Heart of God.

It’s the strangest, most ridiculous thing–what could have moved the Father to step down and wrap Himself in His own creation? What could have moved Him to become nothing for the sake of our burdened, sinful selves? I think that’s the wonder of it all–that He loves us, and not just that He loves us but that He actually carries Himself as Love over us. His actions back up His character–for He cannot deny Himself.

We are constantly in pursuit of a better understanding of this great mystery, and I think, in this season, we give ourselves space to pause more and just be in the mystery–just be in the wonder of it all. Something childlike reignites, and we remember, if only for a season, that there is Hope for the weary world.

And we get to rejoice.

A child–who would have ever thought a child could do all of this?

I still stand in disbelief, jaw-dropped and eyes watering, every time I remember, read again, hear told, the Christmas story. For me? For us? Really? Why so unconditional in Your Love? Why so Gracious? Why so Kind?

And the Whisper of His Goodness just repeats over and over again,

My Love knows no bounds, and my Joy over you is endless.

A thrill of Hope–don’t you love that? In the darkest, most hopeless of moments, a child. In the greatest depths of distress and disheartenment, He came. He showed up because He always shows up. We don’t have to sit around wondering if He will still be Good–He is Good, and He cannot deny Himself.

We are steeped, wrapped, and held in the Greatest Goodness beyond our very finite imaginations.

And all because of a little baby.

The wonder…


With Love,


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