And There is Always Hope

Last night, we experienced our first snowfall where I live. I walked outside while the rain was still pouring and smelled snow on the way (like Lorelai Gilmore except for real). And I was filled with so much hope. There’s something so cleansing and joy-filled about snow. In the midst of the darkness and the cold, all the hopelessness that comes for many people during the wintertime, there’s this beautiful calm. A feeling of just knowing that in the midst of the cold, there’s something so beautiful.

And I love that the snow always falls at the same time of the year as we begin looking forward to Christmas. Because all of the darkness, in the midst of silence, exhaustion, this calm, quiet little baby broke into silence.

We get to hope because the Lord is always breaking into our darkness. Always, always, always.

There is no point at which our lives cannot be saturated in the Goodness of God. There is no point at which our lives cannot be saturated in the Holiness of Hope.

That’s the really incredible thing about God—we are never left without His Presence. And so, in the midst of any of our uncertainty, we can be filled with Hope.

I know this week has been hope-filled for me and a lot of others in my life, but not every week is filled with the feeling of Hope, but Hope is always, always present.

As much as our world often seems it is void of goodness—even down to the most minute things, like the weather, there is always hope within it.

We are always looking forward to the Promises of God because He is forever fulfilling everything He’s promised. He is Good, and so His Promises are Good. For He cannot deny Himself.

And the beautiful thing about Hope is that, even when we are falling short, even when we are feeling lost, there is always Hope—our situation, our actions, our feelings, they don’t change the presence of Hope—they don’t change the presence of God’s Promises fulfilled.

There is nothing if not Hope. And if Hope, then everything else.


With Love,


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