5 Quick Tips to Organizing Your Space

One of the things I’m either totally on top of or completely avoidant of is organizing. But, as I’ve come to realize over years of delay and obsession, being invested in our space as a place of calm and rest in critical to our wellbeing. So, in light of that, here are my top 5 for keeping spaces neat!

  1. Keep your organizing time short and sweet. Setting out to spend 8 hours organizing is probably not feasible, and if you’re waiting to have a full day of free time, the clutter is just going to keep building, and you’re going to become even more overwhelmed by the mess. So, instead of pretending that you’re going to set aside hours of uninterrupted time to organize, set aside 10 minutes a day–before work, after work, at lunch–and get one small thing done. Small tasks build up for long term success with a cleaner, clutter-free space.
  2. Start with the smallest task first. Take on one shelf, one drawer, one bin. Don’t overwhelm yourself by trying to go through your whole closet right away–take small steps, practice your organizing, get comfortable with how you want your space to look!
  3. Make a list of the things you need to do daily, weekly, and monthly to stay organized. The daily activities are smaller maintenance things, like making your bed, putting away containers and foods in their proper place, and putting away any notebooks, games, blankets, that may have been used throughout the day. Weekly things will look like laundry and bathroom supplies. Monthly organization items will include bigger projects like editing items out of your wardrobe and garage.
  4. Get rid of old documents and have a system for making sure you’re not holding on to things you don’t need. Clutter in your space, even when it’s put away in a drawer, is extra clutter in your mind. Have folders for things to keep short term, long term, etc., and use that as a small shredding project from time to time. Don’t overwhelm yourself in stacks of receipts and old paychecks that you deposited online.
  5. Make your bed. I know this isn’t necessarily an organizing thing, but it is a calm space thing. When you can commit to doing this one thing every day, it becomes easier to commit to other small organizing things. Plus, the instant gratification and calmness that comes from something so easily tidied up is unmatched.

There are so many things out of our control, and one of the ways to stay sane is by keeping the little things in order. Hope this helps ground you a little as you navigate the chaos of the world.

Stay sane friends.

2 thoughts

  1. I read once that if you were feeling down or depressed, you should get up, get dressed and make your bed straight away. I do agree that such a small thing can have a beneficial effect.


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