Civil Unrest and Voting Stress

I think this next week is being approached with a lot of hopelessness. People are afraid, and I don’t think it’s totally unfounded, by any means. But I do think, especially as believers, we must return to the Source of Life from which we draw all Good and Holy and Hope.

Those of us who are American have been used to security and certainty, to some predictable degree, but that’s not really something we have right now as a nation. I mean, in some areas, in most regards, yes, but there are things about insecurity as a people, as a country, that I think a lot of us are unsure of what to do. We need to remember that our situation and circumstances are not novel or unique. Civil unrest in much more extreme and consequential ways is a reality in a lot of countries across the globe. And in fact, in terms of civil unrest, we are not living in the extreme. We’re not worried about the purge beginning (and there have been political genocides in quite a few places over the last century).

No matter what happens–people will panic, there will be incidents of terrible actions of violence and fear that is overwhelming for some. But we will be okay. People will take extremes and liberties no person was ever intended to. And nonetheless, we will live another day, we will see the fear, we may feel it (I know I often do), but we will not succumb to the Enemy’s goal of making us useless and ineffective. We will be encouragers, we will be beacons of Hope, we will be Light, we will be the city on a hill. We may be trembling, but by the Grace of God, we are trembling in awe of our God and not the gods of this world. For we do not move forward in our decision making, in our responding and reactions, by the power of Hell but by the God who crafted even the most miniscule pieces of this universe. Because our battle was never against flesh and blood, and it still isn’t. Don’t try to make this all about people. Remember where our real goals and battles lie–with a very real Enemy. But, by the Grace of God, we have God Himself fighting every battle and winning in the end.

This election has caused plenty of problems already, and I am damn near confident it will cause plenty more, but we are not bowing down to the fear and turmoil created by this–we are instead marching forward with a Kingdom mindset knowing, that whether for better or for worse, we need to be ready as a Body to be Truth Speakers and Life Givers no matter who sits as our governing head. We answer to a Good King who is not using any of this in vain. He is using the most evil and wicked and scary and confusing of the world to draw more people to Himself.

We may be anxious and worried about what the next week holds–about who will be president in 3 months, about citizen violence, about the lives and rights of our friends, family, and neighbors. And we are allowed to be uncertain. We are allowed to acknowledge that we don’t know what could happen in the land we call home, and that is very frightening. But we also must acknowledge that this is actually not our Eternal home by any means. The beginning, the end, everything–it’s all about Jesus; it is Jesus. And for Jesus will all our responses be to the wild whims of the world. That is the only way to live truly founded on the Gospel–the political does greatly impact our lives, but it does not rule us eternally. We belong to a much different Kingdom than the one we too often allow ourselves to believe we are a part of. America is not Heaven, this earth is not Heaven–that Eternal Hope and Peace is only found in the Eternal One Himself.


With Love,


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