More Than Production

I think the world needs more honesty. So, honestly, I’m exhausted and anxious. I haven’t been writing much these last couple weeks because I think I’m overwhelmed. Now, I say “I think” because I often don’t know, and maybe you feel the same way in your own experience—not always sure why I feel the way I do—a byproduct of the anxiety, depression, and OCD swirling around in my brain like a chaos cocktail.

And you know what? That’s okay.

It’s okay to acknowledge that you’re not doing alright and take a break from the pressures of keeping everything on track and on task with how you think it should be. You are not a machine, a brand, an idea, or an Instagram feed—you are just you, my dear, just you, and that is more wonderful than anything you might ever even try to imagine.

There is more to you than the work you produce or the feelings you feel or the breaks that you take.

We are in that strange time of year where mental health either begins to soar or takes a nosedive—and frankly, it often depends on the week, whether things are going well or not, sometimes day to day.

And we must have grace for ourselves.

You are not a failure for waking up too late.

You are not a failure for doing less work than you wanted to.

You are not a failure for not showing the same perfect, polished life as the person next to you.

We are so, so, so much more than progress. We are so, so, so much more than our production and output.

You are intrinsically valuable no matter how you feel or how your work looks.

We matter aside from society’s standards for success or value because we are called by name by the King of kings and Lord of lords. That is where our value always and forever lies—in Him, not in our actions, not in our mental health, not in the projecting of ourselves to the world, just in Him.

And I breathe so deeply and so relieved in that because if it were up to me, I would mess up my value and screw over my worth. But we cannot do that, praise the Lord.

We matter, we are worth so much, and in that, we are worth taking a rest. In fact, Rest is critical to our wellbeing. Resting reminds us that our worth doesn’t lie in what we do or even who we think we are or need to be.

We are Beloved and forever more than what we do.


With Love,


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