Comfy Professional but Make it Fashion

Now this is new territory for me–but nonetheless, I thought it would be quite fun, and an enjoyable brand expansion, to start adding some fashiony tidbits here and there. And I, frankly, don’t know what I’m talking about, but I’m taking my friends at their word for my good fashion sense and coming to you honestly with my ideas about how important what we wear is–because it is important.

Okay, so, in all things, we can afford to be more confident–one of the things I always consider when picking an outfit is, “How will this make me feel in front of other people?” If the answer is self-conscious, I usually pick something else because when I’m teaching all day, dealing with thinking about whether I look ridiculous or not is too much brainwork.

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One of my most favorite things ever is building fall outfits, and sometimes it’s difficult to find things that are cute, comfy, and professional.

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I’ve realized that jumpers always make for a great medium between fancy and comfy. They really do feel like pjs while still looking classy and professional. Layered with a cute turtleneck, flats, and some simple earrings, a basic jumper makes for one of the best little outfits of the fall season. (And it never hurts to keep your nails warm fall colors!)

The way we dress strongly persuades the way we live, and that makes everything we put on a deal worth giving some attention to.

Happy dressing!

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