A Little Bit of Wonder

I love Wonder.

There’s something so spectacular about the wildness of awe. There’s such a beautiful innocence associated with wonder. It’s so childlike—such a simple treasure to wonder in a world of complications and unknowns. I love how easy it is to find wonder, too. I love that God pretty much made all the little things lovely. It’s so easy to practice wonder—look around, and let wonder be created in every big and little moment of your life.

I’ve realized that’s why I love all the great fantasy stories—those of you who have been reading my writing for a while know Narnia tops my list of favorites; I am also super in love with the Harry Potter series, and it’s all rooted in this idea of wonder. We love these stories because we are inherently built for them—the redemption, the adventure, the mystery. At the end of the day, we all desire wonder and that childlike innocence that gives us glimpses of Heaven. And we crave Heaven incomparable amounts. So we love the wonder.

A couple days ago, I was telling one of my friends about the importance of creating gratitude as a habit—it’s over and over again finding all the littlest things, when the big things don’t seem like they’re going well, that really are so good and hope-filled and worth paying attention to in our lives. And we have to do the same thing with wonder. Wonder can’t just visit us in the changing seasons or family holidays—we have to find sweet moments of wonder in the fairy lights wrapped around our rooms, the decorations on the wall, the laughter of the people around us, a good book, a cute show, a delicious meal. Wonder is constantly available around us, but we have to take half a second to pause and look for it. We live in an unbelievably rushed society, and we take wonder for granted—it’s all around us, and it’s so good.

We’re going in to one of the most magic-filled, wonderful seasons—and I think it would do us all some good to start looking around in our lives now to find the wonder—Wonder that lasts beyond the holidays, beyond the books, beyond the fleeting moments. We talk about Peace and Joy being those baseline things that as believers we always rest on, and Wonder should be there too. We are built for loving the good of the mystery.

Let’s make Wonder a priority in the absolute psycho-state of the world. We crave Wonder because we need it, so here’s to Wonder.


With Love,


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