Dreaming Beyond Brokenness

I think we all have those things that we love and dream about. But it may be that we have come to believe that dreams are only that—dreams. Empty, hopeless concerning their fulfillment, and just a general lack of confidence even in our willingness to share them with others because what if we’re being too ridiculous?

We are so persistent about convincing ourselves of the absurdity of our dreams instead of being consistent in our pursuit of God’s Dreams for us—which are often much bigger than the ones we have for ourselves anyway! We break our own dreams and then wonder why we feel so stagnant and empty in our passions and pursuits.

We are built for more than breaking our own dreams, and we are built for believing that our most eccentric dreams may not be so unbelievable after all.

In fact, in the midst of our own personal disbelief, we should be in relentless pursuit of the most deeply rooted truths being sung over us. Our dreams and pursuits of them are directly affected by what we believe God says about us. The more deeply rooted our True Identities are, the more ready we are to pursue the Truth that our dreams and ideas may not be so ridiculous as we once believed.

“For broken dreams, the cure is, dream again and deeper.” (C.S. Lewis) And pursue more deeply an actual belief in our God’s resources and Love for us. His ownership of a cattle on a thousand hills isn’t some cute anecdote—it’s a reminder that we have access to the most powerful, unlimited resources imaginable.

We forget that we are allowed to pursue insane dreams when we are rooted wholly in the unwavering, perfect Love of the Father. Our lives are meant to be filled with incredible, Heavenly dreams that become actions and push us ever nearer to the Presence.

Every Joy-filled, Peace-giving, Kingdom-driven dream is another Holy step closer to the Heart of the Father.

Dream audaciously, and don’t let your own ideas of what may or may not be ridiculous stop you from believing in the Power of the One Who carefully Created and breathed Life into your very being.

Dream—dream again, dream for the first time—Dream with Him. We are meant for more than silencing our most deeply engrained Hopes.

Dream big—I know He already has a lot of dreams to share with you.


With Love,


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