10 Things for the Tenth Month

Well, it’s been a weird year so far, to say the absolute least, and I think we’ve been especially susceptible to complaining and complacency—two things that really never mix well.

I suppose there’s always space for sitting and being frustrated, and that’s okay—we need to allow ourselves to be frustrated in the midst of irregularities and interruptions, but we can’t let those frustrations and unforeseen circumstances dictate our days, weeks, months, or years. Because, man, what a waste is that.

So, in the spirit of loving life a little better in the midst of the all the things we could be allowing to steal our Joy and our confidence in the Foundation on which we stand. Here are ten little things to bring sweet little moments into the craziness of our wildest year.

  1. Read a good book. C.S. Lewis himself said “You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me.” But any sweet book can help us catch a breath and remember the world is much bigger than our present situation. My go to is the Narnia series, which is why I chose a C.S. Lewis quote for this cute little reminder, but any lovely book will do.
  2. Create something—literally, create anything. We pretty much spend our whole day consuming without any of our own creative output. That creates a remarkable imbalance in our lives—overconsumption is easy to do and difficult to moderate because our little society has created itself to constantly be in our faces with something else to consume. We have been created to create in imitation of the Creator. So create something today, tomorrow, the day after—we’re meant to.
  3. Move! Move your body—go for a run, do a little workout at home (YouTube is a great resource for short at-home workouts). Exercising is so incredibly important for our health, both the physical and emotional. When we’re really struggling and tired, we need to remember our minds are hopelessly connected with our bodies, and moving releases endorphins. That sounds like a good reason to get up and move.
  4. Go outside. Fresh air really does wonders. Maybe grab a book and read outside—if it’s cold, just step out for a second, take a deep breath, and realize that life is so much bigger than even a worldwide pandemic.
  5. Send a letter. When have you not loved receiving snail mail? Exactly, never—everyone loves snail mail. It’s lovely, it’s thoughtful, and it’s a really good way to spend some time giving and lifting up someone you love.
  6. Set a limit on your screen time. It’s no secret that our lives pretty much revolve around our phones—our communication, art, income—many major things are impossibly intertwined with our internet interactions. With that being said, being intentional with our time on screens and social media is critical to our mental health and how we go about our days—our time in front of screens impacts the core of us.
  7. Bake something. I absolutely love to bake—it’s calming, straightforward, and you always have something yummy afterward. And in this lovely fall season, the smell of pumpkin wafting through the house is especially lovely.
  8. Make lists. For all my type A pals out there, sitting down and making a list of anything—what you want to do, bucket list, Christmas list, wish lists—lists are fun, and they can be very centering when things are crazy. We shouldn’t be obsessed with a sense of control, but it’s helpful to create points of control in your life.
  9. Watch a cute show or movie (definitely drink tea while you are watching). Sitting down, cozying up and drinking tea—that is the most lovely fall thing you could do. And it’s so fun. (Harry Potter anyone?)
  10. Listen to music. If you want something calm and sweet, Louis Armstrong, Frank Sinatra, and Michael Bublé are phenomenal (and pair well with both baking and letter writing). Good music always does your heart some good.

At the end of the day, these are all really lovely ways to spend our time  and to deal with a world of chaos. But don’t forget, the only way to establish real Peace in our life is by consistently and constantly returning to the Source of Life Himself.

Have a lovely fall, and take a breath.


With Love,


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