To Be In Time

Change is a challenge like none other. I guess the fact that the word “change” literally bookends “challenge” gives us a pretty good indication of the way change pushes and pulls us—stretching us to our wits end and often beyond.

Today, we are moving out of my childhood home. In less than 24 hours, some other purpose will be served by my little room and our countless memories between these four walls will be just that—memories. They will fade away on the wings of “Oh man, remember when?” and “Wow that was so long ago!” And we will never be back. It’s funny to me, how you can never reenter somewhere you were for so long. How the keys turn over and you’re locked out of that one place forever. Maybe you’ll drive by in a few years to see how tall the trees have gotten, if the lawns been kept up—but you won’t ever step inside again. How strange.

I think there’s a significance to that when it comes to moving homes. Reminiscing and remembering the “good ol’ days” through rose colored glasses can become consuming and more or less dangerous. We forget to love the now and instead can only be caught swooning over the lives we had 5 years ago, 10 years ago. But when you sell your old home, there is a finality that comes with chapter closing because you can’t revisit whenever you feel like maybe the past is better than the now. You are forced to live, very presently, in the place you are. And that is actually quite good because why be so obsessed and held captive to what has already happened? “There are far, far better things ahead than any we leave behind.” (C.S. Lewis) So as movement and change go—we press on forward, into the better things before us, not behind.

Now, this mentality of better things ahead definitely helps with change, but it sure as hell doesn’t change the fact that change is really difficult.

But change is unavoidable and current—our bodies are constantly growing older and changing, our minds are maturing or degenerating—“To be in time means to change.” (C.S. Lewis) So why do we so adamantly attempt to avoid big movements in our lives? Why do we get so stressed and depressed at aging, moving, job changes, new people, modified spaces? Our whole existence is centered around the constant shifts of our being, the goal being a continuously closer relationship with God.

Change is here to push and pull, refine and redefine—ultimately, to draw us ever closer to the King.


With Love,


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