Dreaming in the Presence

Dreaming is an interesting thing—and I’m not talking about the kind we experience while we sleep but rather what ideals and aspirations we allow to occupy our minds while we are awake.

For a long time, I’ve thought of dreaming as those unattainable desires I have for success—whether relationally, financially, etc. I’ve looked at dreaming as a means of pining after something I could never have—things I thought all the goal setting in the world could not achieve.

And over the last couple of years, in bits and pieces, the Lord has revealed something to me about dreaming—He desires to dream with me, and not only dream with me, but invite me into His dreams for me. Dreams that, without a shadow of a doubt, are the most tangible reality we could ever conceive of because God’s dreams are not meant to stay in queue with the impossible but are a call to action and promise to equip.

Where God’s dreams are present, miracles happen, and our lives are transformed into something much greater than we ever could have ever imagined for ourselves. Where our dreams seem impossible, God’s dreams for us are unfathomably greater than our own. The call to abide in Him is a call to also dream with Him and unite in thinking with Him. My goals are big, yes, but oh how much more Lovely and Good and big are His dreams with me.

Dreaming with God doesn’t end with fulfillment of what we’ve thought up or with a short conversation where we engage His ideas—dreaming with God is a journey that will last well beyond our final breaths on the earth. Dreaming with God is a communion with Him—a place to come together and just sit in the Awe and Wonder of His Glory and Grace over us. Dreaming with God is walking further in relationship with Him—closer in knowledge of His character and heart for us, and that journey of Living into and increasing in knowledge of God is never-ending. He is Good in that way—there is a really strange Goodness about always learning and listening in the Presence.

When we are in God’s Presence, we are in the Presence of the One Who measured out the foundation of the earth, carved every canyon and lifted every mountain, calls each star by name and laid out galaxies—why do we doubt His plans for us to be that much greater than what we imagine for ourselves?

Our dreams are really small when we compare them to the vast tapestry of Eternity that God has stitched our story into. For where the dreams of God are realized in partnership with a Child so in love with Him, Hell trembles violently because Heaven is taking hold. Where God’s dreams are adopted by His Children as the plan and vision for their lives, the things of earth, the dreams of earth that we have adopted from societal standards and a desperate desire to be noticed, all become very small and insignificant alongside the Great Dreams and Plans of the God who has Loved us from all Eternity.

And the really, really cool thing about dreaming with God is that He wants to hear our ideas—our passions aren’t random and our desires, although sometimes misleading, point to something important within our hearts that God wants to use!

Dreaming with God is not just the sacrificing of our own dreams but the replacement of those dreams with God-sized Plans and Purposes that actually fulfill.

Our dreams are often hallowed out and reflective of something missing within us—a desire that we cannot seem to fulfill. God’s dreams see those broken places and come rushing in with something much greater than what we have tried to use to fix ourselves.

Where our dreams are attempts to grasp a small part of Heaven, God’s dreams bring the Kingdom Now. Where we desire to see success, God brings His revelations of Identity, Healing, and Joy. The ultimate success is not the fulfillment of these dreams we have been pursuing of our own accord but the settled into Goodness of His Presence.

Where His Presence is tangible, our desire for the successes of the world wash away—for the Awesomeness of His very nearness far outweighs any of our unfulfilled desires.

Bring your dreams to God—and He will transform them far beyond our wildest imaginings.


With Love,


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