Eagles and Butterflies

There are a lot of reasons we find ourselves living in fear and downplaying our role as believers. I am all-too familiar with the clammy hands and shirking back from the promptings of Holy Spirit to step out and pray for someone or share the Gospel. It’s uncomfortable.

But discomfort has never been an excuse to not walk in the promptings of the Lord. If comfortability was a priority, Jesus would have been off that cross in a heartbeat. In fact, He never would have gotten there in the first place. But everything about Jesus’s ministry was so upside down and inside out—worldly acceptance and societal approval was never even a consideration, in fact, it was quite the opposite. Being in line with Scriptural Truth and actually walking in faith doesn’t bring up the question of if you’ll be outside of societal acceptance but when. The New Testament is clear about the ways believers are set apart in every way, mirroring the Old Testament example of the Israelites being set apart as a nation, so are we set apart as a people.

There’s this quote I heard a few months ago that said something to the tune of “believers are living in the power of the Holy Spirit as butterflies where we should be soaring as eagles.”

Where the power of Holy Spirit resides, THE POWER OF HOLY SPIRIT RESIDES. This power raised Christ from the dead, is alive in us, and has equipped us as vessels for the work of Kingdom building.

Living into the Confidence of God’s Power at work within us requires risk—and actually, risk is the wrong word. If our Faith is such that we are actually living into the definition of it—acting as if it is so—we will witness the Power of God at work in our own and others’ lives. There is no real risk when we believe God is going to move. If our eyes are set on the Movement, Plan, and Power of God, our chasing fast after Him will not have any risk because all our efforts and expressions are focused on His Will and Way.

Does no risk mean no pain? No—there will be loss and there will be pain, yes, but we’re not risking it—it’s a guaranteed part of this journey. The really insane thing about our God is that He has told us exactly what we can expect—He hasn’t hidden from us His expectations. He has told us exactly what He wants: “Pick up your cross and follow me.”

To pick up a cross, you must lay everything else down. He has told us exactly what He wants—for us to surrender completely. All we have (which was never ours in the first place) is to be surrendered to Him. For all real Good, all real Glory, all real Joy, Peace—it is all rooted in His Presence and Promise, without which we cannot fully step into while our hands are holding fast to things we think we need. What we really need will not keep us from the Presence because what we need is only Him.

When we keep in mind the great Power and Plan of God, praying for that stranger or sharing that word seems a lot less scary because Eternal mindset keeps us in check with what this moment really is—a small, small moment that maybe does feel awkward but could be incredibly significant for that other person. Keeping this small, small moment in light of the scheme of Eternity makes handling rejection a lot easier—because our lives are not defined by worldly rejection but by the Father—we are named by that fact that we are Children of God, not rejects of society.

Take the step when you feel Holy Spirit’s prompting—you won’t regret listening to the voice of God because His Plan and Purpose is the only One that Eternally fulfils.

If it’s scary, that’s okay, but start taking little steps as you feel led, and ask God for strength because you may not feel equipped yet, but He will certainly equip you if He’s called you.

We are eagles, not butterflies—let’s remember that and step into the vast stores of the Power of God that Holy Spirit is leading us to walk in.

We are equipped because He is Enough, and He is the One equipping us.


With Love,


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