To Mom(s):

We have seen the way you take care of everyone around you and not be shown the same care in return.

We have seen the way you don’t complain when things are hard for you because you want to be strong for your children.

We have seen the way you are constantly available and always there to talk when you have other things you could be doing but care more for us than your agenda.

We have seen the way you never give up on those around you—the way you always encourage us when we are at our worst; the way you always remind us there is Good in store.

We have seen you in the suffering—when the difficulty rises and the expectations stay the same.

We have seen you in the difficulty, where things are just as difficult for you as everyone else, but nonetheless you pick up the role as a Comfort to those around you—acting so Christ-like in that caring.

We have seen you take in our friends where they are struggling.

We have seen you pray faithfully for our family and friends.

We have seen you sacrifice time and time again for the good of those around you.

We have seen you in the most trying times and in the most joyful—unconditionally self-sacrificial at every moment.

We have seen you turn your eyes to Jesus, both on Mountains and in Valleys—your sure Source of Strength pointing us to the Everlasting One Himself.

Mothers, you are so seen in all of your Love and Work.

Mothers, you are a beautiful example of God’s Love for His Children.

Thank you for everything you are, even when we don’t appreciate you the right way and even when you feel unseen.

You are the great example of Faithfulness and Unconditional Love like Christ showed us.


With Love,


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