Raised Into Enough

Inadequacy has got to be one of the worst feelings in the world.

Inadequacy is defined as “lacking the quality or quantity required; insufficient for a purpose.”

The “I’m not good enough” mantra is enough to make anyone go insane after a long enough run of that lie through our minds.

“I’m not good enough.” “I’ll never be good enough.”

These words hurt—we shouldn’t be consuming them as truth, right?

As much as I hate to burst your bubble (and my own, frankly), we are not good enough, and we can never make ourselves good enough.

Yes—let’s put the bubble wrap nonsense of making ourselves feel better aside and remember that we aren’t good enough—we are not and never will be good enough to do it on our own.

Luckily, we have not been left with our imperfect attempts at being enough.

We think about sin and falling short and how Jesus took that burden—in that burden, He laid on Himself our not enough-ness and replaced it within us with His More-Than-Enough-Unbelievable-Love while we were still hammering nails into His hands and feet.

But the problem is not in that we have been made inherently Enough by the Good King; it’s not that we aren’t good enough on our own—it is that we have let the lie of inadequacy, that idea that maybe we haven’t really been made Enough, seep into the deepest parts of our soul and shout lies of reversal at our Enoughness.

We adopt this banner of inadequacy for our identity and make our song that of insufficiency in purpose and lack of quality. We do not meet the required order. We cannot fulfill the call. We cannot measure up in any way. Or at least, that’s the message we allow to repeat itself unceasingly in our minds.

And without Christ, yes, this is true. But with Christ? Why would we for even a moment allow ourselves to succumb to the immensely weak power of the devil compared to Christ?

We are Enough, yes because we have been made so, but we do not act like it because we do not hear it—for our ears are filled with the charge of something quite the opposite of the Truth.

Imagine the you that says they are Enough and believes it. Imagine the you that knows, so fully, that you are Enough, that you lay down comparison as far as it can be laid down and live into Joy so much you cannot quite remember how it is to live in the shadow of doubt and fear. Because this is the abundance and abiding purpose set aside for us by the King of kings and Lord of lords to live into right now.

Abide in Him—The Enough Himself.

There’s not an equation or quick solution to living in the abiding Enoughness of our King, but He always invites us to sit with Him and learn. To listen to His voice and the song of Love, Joy, and Grace He sings over us with unceasing consistency.

There is no place He will not go to remind us we are Enough—not only are we Enough regarding purpose and calling, as we have been hoisted up out of our inadequacy by His descent into Hell, because He has made us such, but we have always been Enough for Him to suffer brutally and die miserably. We were Enough and are Enough because we are Loved by the More Than Enough of Him. His wrapping in human form communicated just how much Enough we are—Enough for The One to become No One to make us all Some One—Daughters and Sons.

We were inadequate—but that story has been buried, and it is dead along with our sin, for now we stand side-by-side as heirs and Kingdom Sowers with the Son.

Babe, you are enough—and your Enough was bought at an unbelievably high price. It was bought and will not be returned; it is an intrinsic part of you—Enough has been woven into the fabric of your being with blood-red thread from the scars of a King Much More Enough than we could ever hope to understand.

Your Enoughness calls you Heavenward as the Kingdom Home welcomes you in, and the Father whispers, “Well done My Good and Faithful Servant.”


With Love,


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