Racing Heart–Be Still

Just take another breath.

There you go.

Breath in and out. Breath in and out. Breath in and out.

Every racing part of your heart, would it calm in the Presence of the Great Peace Himself. For you have entered a holy space where fear has no hold and anxiousness is not king.

There is only One King here, and He is called Greater and Higher and Mightier than any other thing trying to be called king could ever hope to be.

For there is Only One I AM.

Every echoing chorus of “maybe I didn’t do enough” melts down into the Enoughness Who is calling you Enough.

Breath in the midst of “I don’t know”s and the “I wish the next thing were here”s.

Breath as you walk through the dread of “I have to do this again tomorrow” because we do grow, and today and tomorrow will not hold the stomach-knotting wish-I-could-be-somewhere-else feeling forever. There is always Hope because Hope resurrected when King Jesus did.

When the pounding headaches and blurry vision fill your conscious with overwhelm, would you take time to rest.

You don’t always have to prove yourself—it’s time to breathe free, knowing you are Enough without the medals and trophies, recognition and rewards.

Yes, you have always been Enough, and you will never not be Enough, for when the price paid is death, the purchase and the names given and bestowed are nonrefundable.

You, my dear, have a Lovely Identity that cannot be returned or revoked.

And this name that King has marked you with cannot be stripped on stumbling or uncertainty, fear or failure.

Yes, this name is yours because He has given it to you.

Yes, Child, you have been given the right to step fully into not worrying. Not worrying about what others call you, what you don’t know, what you can’t control. Just stepping into the Identity God has, in Love, been dancing and singing over you since eternity past to forever—this is all you need to concern yourself with.

For there is no striving or begging for Good Things in the Love of God.

You are not required to jump through hoops for acceptance—you don’t have to capture His attention, for the God of the Universe is already enamored with you in all the best ways.

Loved more than you could ever imagine.

Everything you could ever want is waiting in His arms. In the Identity He declares over you.

Yes, Child, you are Loved.

Love Himself calls you close.

Breathe deeply now—knowing this is not all up to you and your strength.

Relax into His arms that never, never, never fail to bring exactly what He promised: Peace, Comfort, Joy.

In this world, you will have trouble, but take heart because He is greater than the world.

The Comforter will not eliminate the pain we experience here, but He will lift the burdens of it, and give us the tools to lean into fuller dependency on Him.

None of us is alone.

None of us can operate in our own strength.

None of us can support ourselves.

Breathe deeply knowing that this does not all rest on your shoulders—it never has, and it never will.

This doesn’t all come down to you.

It all came down to Him, and He carried out to completeness the Greatest Sacrifice because He is Good, and all His Character knows is So Good.

“‘It is finished.’ May those words land on your bones for the nights when fear tells you the cross was a beginning and you must finish grace.” (Jon Acuff)

The Breath of Heaven—swaddled in strips of cloth, sitting on temple steps, breaking bread, hanging from a tree—there is nothing for you to make up or try to piece together alone.

The glory has been reclaimed, and, for some reason we cannot quite understand, a crown has been set aside for us to wear as coheirs with Christ.

Yes, dear, take a breath—you are more than Enough, and wow, that Enough is more than you can imagine.


With Love,


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