Unto Us

Stop—can you hear it?

It is soft and almost inaudible right now, but the great anticipation this song rides in on has been steeping in past promises for hundreds of years.

Do you feel yourself leaning in to listen? Is your whole being pulling you toward the melody?

Whispers of Everything Good and Perfect are reaching every ear around the world—every father, every mother, every child is being cued in to listen to the song whose sound is ever increasing and whose joy is growing ever more contagious.

Murmurings rise up from every home and tongue as the words of “for all mankind” and “God with us” escape the lips of each hearer this Christmas.

There—can you perceive it? The promises fulfilled—oh, how close we are to the promises fulfilled. We have waited for so long and now can hear. The breeze of Hope is blowing through this little stable, this little town, this little world. For Joy’s business has taken up residence in our Time.

Every prophesied promise has arrived in this moment as the very center of human history. To be marked and recorded as the shifter of time; this Baby’s cry echoes out into all eternity.

For unto us a Child is born, and He holds Eternity.

Everyone gathers in wait to hear this song that keeps growing louder.



Yes—can you hear? Do you perceive the significance of this one song?

It is a song that has been and always will be from Eternity past into forever—this Sacrifice, this Saving-Song will ring out forever and ever and ever.

There will never be a day when the sounds cease to project themselves from within the auditorium of the skies and among the dancing stars.

As this sound rushes in from the silent past, here we sit knowing Love comes down.

For unto us a Child is born—the King of kings and Lord of lords sleeping quietly in a manger.

All of Hell rushing in a panic while the blue night and softly shuffling herds of sheep surround the Little Baby Boy.

While the Angel Song fills in the silence with full force, the enemy ranks begin to crumble at their cornerstone.

For unto us a Child is born—and you will strike His heel, and He will crush your head.

The soft song of a young mother holds Spirit-Presence in the midst of this not-so-silent night, while politicians panic, and saving grace is manifesting itself in Baby.

World-reign and man-power tremor at the sound of Hope—a death march melody in the ears of those bound in temporary love.

For I am convinced—unto us is born the Savior of the World but not to save the world the way we once thought would be best.

For unto us a Child is born—and His scarred body will say, more loudly than any earthly high priest, king, or leader could say in the throes of their greatest power and authority,

This is the Kingdom.

Let the growing song of Eternal Joy overwhelm your spirit with unbound Love, as everything ever hoped for has finally come—

For unto us a Child is born, and He will save His people from their sins.


Merry Christmas,


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