Where Our Value Lies

It seems every person following Jesus must come to a crossroads of deciding whether or not Jesus is actually sufficient for our dreams.

We spend so much time wishing for things, be them tangible or otherwise, and working toward goals and these grandiose ideas which have lacked consultation with God’s Design for our lives. His plans and purposes are so much bigger than ours, but our lack of insight often causes self-prohibiting of walking in The Way.

If we could see Eternity’s layout, the Kingdom’s Great Design, and the King’s Great Purposes, we would be much quicker to fall on our faces in surrender to something so beyond our ability to orchestrate. God desires for us to be like Him, yes, but we are not called to be absorbed into Him. We are distinct in Him yet a part of One great Body which is greater than anything we could imagine because WE ARE LIMITED IN OUR ABILITY TO IMAGINE GREATLY BECAUSE WE ARE NOT GOD. But, when we ask God to, He comes alongside us and teaches us how to imagine greatly.

For far too long, we have believed our personal limits are our actual limits. Our actual limits are God’s limits, and He happens to have no limits.

John 14:12 reads, “Truly, truly, I say to you, whoever believes in me will also do the works that I do; and greater works than these will he do, because I am going to the Father.”

This is some serious-beyond-human-capacity-of-understanding dreaming and living because as far as I know, I cannot list “ability to raise the dead” on my resumé. Abiding in the Holy of holies, He has overwhelmed my limitations with His own unending, all-powerfulness, and commanded the inabilities of my personal restrictions to bow to His name and His power. For in reality, we are limited only by our own ideas of Who God is and who we are in our pursuit of great dreams and ideas. But, we have to check our dreams at the Throne because only what we lay down will we ever be able to pick up and steward well. When our dreams and goal are our identities, we will always be disappointed.

We are not created for fulfillment by anything or anyone other than The One Who has made and redeemed us.

Our value is not inherently tied to how much we achieve and on what level. We are already as valuable now as we will ever be—not because there is a limit on how valuable we can be but because Jesus has actively proven to us that we are priceless. Our value is so significant that it is a meaningless task to try and assign a limited amount of worth to ourselves. Our value is so significant that we have been bought with the Life of Another—One Whose Value is so immeasurable that He bestowed that immeasurability on to us without losing any Immeasurability Himself or cutting some people’s back.

We are not our successes or our failures. We are not our achievements. We are a whole, whole, whole lot more than that. Our worth is measured by one thing and one thing alone, and that is God’s Love for us, which was made quite clear upon His willing crucifixion.

If you ever, ever doubt how VALUABLE you are, look at the cross, and think about it for longer than we usually do. Go below the surface-level, church language that we use, and consider the cross. It is an unwavering signal to us—loved beyond measure, valued beyond measure, called to great, great things. And those great things will likely be one day forgotten on earth, but the moments of obedience and stepping into the dreams and visions God has for us will ring out through all eternity. For our God is faithful, and He is not interested in how big of a name we can make for ourselves but in how faithful and loving we are in every little thing. He is not worried with how “valuable” we can make ourselves—He has already done that for us, and we cannot beat Him out because we are incapable of constructing even a noticeable fraction of value for ourselves comparatively to what God has created for us.

We are Loved, and praise be to God that His Love is not based on the worth we create for ourselves but simply that we are filled with immeasurable worth because He created us.


With Love,


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