Short Thoughts on Another Year


Every year, when my birthday comes around, I freak out a little bit. Which is rather odd, since I’m barely an adult—shouldn’t I be excited?

Don’t get me wrong because I really am, but there’s something so strange about another year of your life coming and going.

I find myself constantly questioning whether or not I am good enough or worthy or if I’ve done enough of the right things because I could do more, right? Am I where I should be? How do I know?

These questions plague my mind, and before I know it, there are tears streaking my concerned face, and my body is shaking uncontrollably—because I don’t believe in my own value.

Well, that’s kind of the worst thing ever to start a new year on, so this year I have decided to start differently.

It’s normal to question your decisions, especially around that fateful time of year when your personal sun-rotations flips up a notch. This last week, I’ve found myself looking at a lot of people in the public eye who are around my age and seem to have done astronomically more than I have throughout the process of existing. But then I am reminded of something very important to remember—we are all living and growing and changing and experiencing in all different ways and at all different times. There is no reason for me to think I’m not good enough—I most certainly am—I’m learning, with each year, to understand more of what it looks like to really love God, myself, and others well. If all anyone can say about me when I die is that I loved God and people well, I will have lived the most purpose-filled, wonderful life that I could imagine.


You are perfect.

Maybe not in the ways you think you should be,

But every way you’re being shaped


You are just lovely.

You are beyond lovely, actually.

Called Beloved by the King of kings—

He dances over you

Glorious song pouring in perfect melody

A River of Life

Your name planted in the current

Showered in every kind of good thing


With Love,


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