Body Talk

DSC_0734Body image issues are like this giant, unspoken (sometimes spoken), looming presence of insecurity that towers over nearly (if not all of) everyone. We are plagued in thought and appearance. Suffering the task of painting on faces and imminent self-disapproval that engages our minds to walk in insecurity without any relief… like, ever, it seems.

And I think it’s high time we just stop.

Because there is nothing quite as common or quite as damaging as the incessant nonlove we are prone to give ourselves.

You wonder why shame is such a big issue for survivors of sexual assault? Because humans are inclined to blame themselves for so much of what happens to them, and I am convinced that the lies we believe about ourselves are not lies of our own imagination… They have been whispered to us quietly and unceasingly for much of our lives, and who wouldn’t fall for something that they have been told for 10, 30, and 50 years.

How absolutely, perfectly damaging that we have been handed a lie, eaten it up, and are now left with the pieces of it… trying to figure out how, exactly, we can put our little broken selves back together with some real self-confidence, but oh how hard it is to learn that makeup doesn’t cut it completely and neither does healthy eating, a flat stomach, curves, or perfect hair. No, because true confidence and healthy self-image also comes into play in all of those moments when our hair is not done up, makeup is off, and leggings are the pant-choice of the day. All those moments when there has been no primping or styling, no working out or too much sugar… those moments, when we feel like maybe we aren’t good enough because we don’t feel like we look the part. It is those moments in which we need to learn to look in the mirror, arms crossed in frustration and tears welling with self-hatred that could last just that moment or all day. It is this very second where we must learn to declare: I AM BEAUTIFUL. I AM ENOUGH. AND I AM WORTH LOVING.

When was the last time you looked at yourself and said that? Because I struggle to really be faithful in doing that, too.

DSC_0741.jpgSomething I’ve found incredibly helpful in the midst of this struggle is this: Every morning, I will look at myself in the mirror. I will say all the things I just listed above as necessary things we need to declare over ourselves, and I will say them to me until I can look at myself and really believe it. We have to fight for ourselves. We have to fight against our desires to wallow in self-hatred and the fear of not being good enough. We have to scream to ourselves that we are good enough—drowning out the voices that tear us down as we shout with the Father’s song over us. Our healthy self-talk is our battle cry in conjunction with the Father’s love being spoken over us.

This morning, I went to the doctor, and I don’t mind the doctor, but I hate how accurate their scale is because the scale at home definitely weighs things a few pounds less than they are (that, or I gained, like, 8 pounds in 3 days, which I suppose isn’t totally out of the question during the holiday season, but it seems highly unlikely). Anyway—I feel like society has told us what we should weigh and how our bodies should look, but I wasn’t designed to fit that mold! Some people were, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that—they are beautiful too—but it doesn’t make me not beautiful just because I don’t fall perfectly into this category that we have decided, in some way or another, is better than every other type.

Did you know that everyone actually has a baseline weight and body shape that they’re bodies are naturally set at? THEY WILL NOT ALL BE THE SAME AND THAT IS OKAY.


None of us is worth less than anyone else in any way, especially not because we weigh more (or less) than another person! No—you are good enough; I am good enough—period. There’s nothing else to the story—we are all good enough.

It seems like such an easy truth, but fun fact—it’s not. We are assaulted every day, every moment, really, by all of these lies that are pointed at trying to get us to believe we aren’t good enough. We have all cracked under that pressure.


“For we are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago.” (Ephesians 2:10)

We were planned, crafted, and carefully designed—there is nothing in this world that can change that, whether we believe it or not.

MASTERPIECE is written across the fibers of your DNA and mine. Our worthiness has been intricately woven into our identity as children of God.

Nothing can change you into anything but a masterpiece—whether your body looks runway-ready or not. He doesn’t love you in spite of your body type. He thinks you look fantastic!! You are loved, and the King of all kings looks on you with eyes of complete adoration.

Why not start talking to yourself like you’re worthy? God already does that, I think you should too!


With Love,




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