IMG_20181106_223236_083You are valuable.

Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

You are broken, beautiful, perfectly messy, and absolutely astonishing in every little thing because you have been crafted in the Creator’s flawless hands.

A fabulous arrangement of every colorful burst of personality quirks.

You are the most lovely collection of everything you once believed yourself to be incapable of—

Because you, darling, are absolutely, without a doubt, perfectly, wonderfully, unquestionably enough.


“YOU ARE ENOUGH” – I’ve written these words across the top half of my mirror, so every morning when I walk up to drape my face in different colors and bat my eyelashes a little blacker… those moments before I highlight my cheekbones and darken my pale face with bronzers and blush, I can see me, and I can know exactly what it means to be beautiful before I put anything else on to try and cover up blemishes. Every inch of our beautiful selves is fearfully and wonderfully crafted by Love that knows no end, so why is it so hard to practice loving ourselves when we have been called, by name, Beloved?

There should never be a day when I wake up feeling like I’m not good enough, but those days come, and they conquer, and they rip at the lining of my fragile self-confidence. Because I wasn’t designed to be fed self-image-diminishing lies moment after moment.

We were made for that still small voice to sing songs of value over us—His rejoicing growing louder as we come ever closer to Him, the source of the singing. Yes, I was made, you were made, for songs of grace to overwhelm and overcome and embrace every part of us.

Because Love was never meant to be limited.


Do you know you are Loved limitlessly?

No height or depth or angel or demon—nothing in all creation…

Nothing can separate you from LOVE.

Nothing can separate me from LOVE.

Because Love was never meant to be limited, and it is not limited… it is only restricted in reception by our own preconceived notions that we aren’t good enough to receive it or that we are doing just fine on our own.



We have been designed to be filled to overflowing with the Love of the Father—poised to flow out over others. Designed to be a value-reminder to those who are around us and learning to grasp an understanding of the beautiful thoughts about them that are rooted in the mind of the Father.

Forever covered in favor as we’ve been positioned to receive it by our unfailing, perfect Savior.


Yes, my dear, this valuableness is something you possess.

This isn’t anything outlandish or unreachable–it is very much the right now reality of everything available to you.

It is just a matter of stepping in or refusing to… But just know this: you are Enough to be called as He calls you.

Know that you are perfectly imperfectly growing in everything as God draws you closer with the music of Life Songs and poetic expression that is balanced on the fact that you are valuable, and that’s never changing.

No amount of shame, guilt, pain, or rocking and wavering will ever take away the breath of Life that was spoken into your lungs by a Father who never gives up, and death on a cross isn’t an unreasonable step for Him to solidify in our minds the immeasurable depth of VALUE THAT WE HOLD.

No other thing can replace this wonderful value. Even in those moments when it feels like everything has been cleared away from you, and innocence is shattered behind the veil of all-together. Even then, the Love of the Father has changed, and He calls you by name:



With Love,


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