People Matter

DSC_0258.jpgWomen are valuable. Men are valuable. Children are valuable. People are freaking valuable.

I think in the current climate with feminism and sexual assault awareness, the #metoo movement, women’s marches happening all over the country, and even less than 24 hours ago the events that unfolded concerning Kavanaugh, we have begun bringing something incredibly important to the forefront of the fight – women are not valuable because we can do amazing things, conquer the social and political climates, fight for change and be an incredibly powerful voice – although we most definitely can do all of these things – but we are just valuable because we are and we have a voice and it is loud and it is so important that we use it.

One of the quotes I’ve really adored over the past few weeks has been this:

“She’s someone’s sister, daughter, mother, wife.”

This quote reaches through the barricades of identification society tries to cast upon girls who are in a position to be taken advantage of – we are not defined by our families, friends, coworkers, or significant others – I don’t care if you’re a straight, middle-aged housewife or an LGBTQ+ liberal – you are valuable, and I am valuable, because we are someone – not because we belong to people.


We do belong to someone, though, and our entire existence is completely dependent on His every-moment-will to breathe life into us at every moment. Never does He ever undervalue or disgrace us – because His way is perfect, and His design for us was “fearfully and wonderfully made”. He sings, dances, and speaks the most beautiful identities over us—unlike a lot of what the world says.

Rape cul

ture and sex trafficking are booming in every part of the world right now – are you kidding me? Sex tourism is an actual thing – that is ridiculous and disgusting.

Sex. Tourism. Is. A. Thing.

People travel to different countries to have sex with girls as young as 7 (sometimes as young as 5).



It is utterly insane how incredibly culturally misguided the world is – people have been misconstrued to be objects for others consumption – whether male or female, children, adults, actors, the list doesn’t seem to have an end to the things we have decided are for us to consume.

You know what?

People are not objects – we cannot consume people.

People are people, not things for our personal use – people have emotions, stories, dreams, ideas, valuable attributes, and are crafted in the image of God – where in that list does it makes sense to use people for our own personal gain?

If anything, we should be lifting one another up, but we have so long been told we must grope after things that we want with an unquenchable desire to be on top, and thus we have warped the healthy community for which we were made.


People are valuable, and if we are going to treat women and men as objects, there will just continue to be a culture of sexual perverseness that cannot be stopped unless we use our voices—which are powerful, by the way—to spark change in our culture. But we can’t just speak—we must act. Get on the front lines of fighting for freedom, respect, and understanding. Speak for yourself and for those who cannot speak for themselves. Speak for the woman who has been sold in to slavery, the man forced into labor, the child abused, the hushed assault survivor… Speak out value and engage in the conversation in a way that lifts up the underprivileged and attacked. Be an advocate of social justice – love people well. And this all starts with loving God well – because it is only by Him that we can truly fight for and advocate what matters in a way that will actually change the world through real love of people.

Remember: No person’s value is contingent upon anything other than what God says about them – and what He says is always good.

Knowing the heart of the Father is where we learn to understand the value of and how to love people.

Love God, love people – know that you can change the world because you have the necessary means in a Father who knows no limits.


With Love,


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