You Have A Name

DSC_0290Our lives are configured around story. There’s this perfect part of us that desires greater glory – wrapped in the DNA Heaven printed on our souls, longing for this Greater Place and story to unfold.

Yes, this is the tension our minds have found – a place of belonging but not yet there because this earth is notorious for leaving us empty handed and scared, but there is not one thing I know more than this – the end that will come is fulfilling and filling all those places that we’ve kept hidden from the sacred. And all those places we’ve decided should not be seen. Because He is faithful beyond our weaknesses, and even in the deepest, darkest hidden places, His light shines for all to see. And I know that’s cheesy, but come on, we have this great Life Song being sung, no declared, and danced over us by the God of the Universe – wouldn’t that shine out in the dead of night? Wouldn’t that illuminate the darkness that surrounds the falls of man?

Notice I said falls? Because there was one fall that kickstarted them all, but every single day we go and we fall again but grace, praise be to God, it always wins.


This tenacious Love has written His name with blood over the stains of what we have understood as permanent scars that cannot be redeemed.

Heart of my own heart, whatever befall still be my vision – because even in darkness, our stories are strong. These little lights in the middle of the great deep – darkness cannot win because we overcome by the word of our testimony, so all we have to do is speak and there is then victory.

You see, all is not lost in what is lost but all that is lost is being found because He’s left the 99 to go round up the ones who have strayed away from His voice. For there is an unreplaceable way to make Heaven rejoice – and this is the resounding noise – The lost have been found!

Renamed and re-crowned!

All the shame washed away in the blood of the Lamb who’s been lifted up in glory – the Great I AM.

But we sit in mourning – for all that we’ve done. Not ever believing we could be named daughter or son. Not ever imagining He was calling to us.

DSC_0299.jpgIn the depth of our pain, Father’s embrace, not calling for shame, but calling our true name.

Your Life Song is perfect and unique, and it’s being sung by the King of all kings – the Lord of all lords – who can deny the truth of His word?

For your name is not ugly or shame or fear – it is a name that draws you so very near. Not just to God, but to others too. He says something great, let Him say it to you. Listen as He whispers to the depths of your heart. Do you hear Him? He’s speaking.

Don’t ever lose heart.

This is for you. Don’t say it’s not. Because His love did not stop when you fell. His love will not stop; it never will.

This is for you – you are known and seen. Don’t count yourself as unnoticed because you have been crowned with glorious imitation of the Creator of All Creation.

This is for you – this grace you’ve denied. Believing you weren’t good enough this whole time. Isn’t that just what grace is? Undeserved favor bestowed upon those who never thought they deserved it.


With Love,



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