Where Is Your Brother?

DSC_0009I think there is something to be said about feeling forgotten.
There is something to be said about feeling alone.
There is something to be said about feeling lost, about being lost.

Having this in mind, I want you to ponder a question:

Who have you forgotten?

I’m pretty sure I’ve never thought about this question, not even once.

I don’t think I have ever wondered, or cared, where the forgotten are.

God uses a myriad of experiences and encounters to teach us about the reality of the forgotten, and it looks different for everyone.
But I had to travel thousands of miles to middle-of-nowhere-Brazil to learn about the forgotten.

Where is your brother?

I was challenged by this question while sitting in a plastic chair, surrounded by brothers and sisters from a totally different cultural background, in a half star hotel (which I didn’t even know was a thing), incredibly far away from my comfort zone.

Where is your brother?
Where is your uncle?
Where is your best friend?
Your cousin?
Your far-away family member?
All the prodigals?

Where are they?

DSC_0157I am convinced that God’s heart screams with compassion for those I’ve never thought about. I am convinced that God’s heart screams with love for those families who are falling apart and no one knows. I am convinced God’s heart screams with missional calling for the places everyone has written off and forgotten.

“Nothing is hidden from Your sight. Wherever I go you find me. You know every detail of my life. You are God, and you don’t miss a thing.”

If God cares so much for the lilies of the field, which are here today and thrown in to the fire tomorrow, why aren’t we caring for those worth much more than a flower? We are obsessed with causes and political agendas, and I’m not saying those are bad things to be a part of, but what are we doing if we aren’t going. Jesus gave us very specific instructions about how He wants us to live – Go to the ends of the earth because you love Me more than anything and you love people well.
“I have been given all authority in Heaven and on earth. Therefore, go and make disciples of all the nations.”

We get so caught up in our own stuff that we forget who God has not forgotten because we become so wrapped up in trying to make ourselves known and memorable. Want to look like Jesus? Pay attention to them; feed them, clothe them, and offer them what no amount of food and clothing could ever satisfy in their soul.

Loving the forgotten in our world does not require moving to South America to be a missionary, though that may end up being what it looks like for some. Loving the forgotten is simply asking this question: Where is my brother?

Where are the forgotten?

God will answer this question if you ask it to Him. But I warn you, in asking this, you will have to decide one of two things: to change your life or ignore the hurting.

DSC_0619I am convinced that we are all placed in different areas to be an influence. We are all placed in different areas to be Jesus to people so that we can lead people to Jesus. We are all called to remember the forgotten and to know the destitute. They don’t all look the same – some live in the slums of Emas, Brazil, some in million-dollar penthouse apartments in Time Square. The forgotten and alone don’t always look the way we expect. There are whole cultures forgotten in unexpected places. There are beautiful people who have become slaves to not being known.
That has begun to end.

Because not only will we go to the ends of the earth, we will go right to the heart of the most forgotten places of the world where the explosiveness of the Gospel will leave no one forgotten.

God has not forgotten them.
He loves His bride, and there is no part of her that He is willing to forget – for the desire is that none should perish, and so, we will ask where the forgotten are, we will go to the forgotten, and God has given us permission to go in and change culture.

We have a big assignment my friends, but there is no stopping us with such a God behind the instructing.
With Love,

2 thoughts

  1. Beautiful! No words to describe the action of God in those days! It was amazing.
    And, the mission continues!
    Missing You.
    With love, Camila Antoneli.


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