I Love This Coffee Shop

DSC_0024.jpgI cannot even begin to count the number of times I’ve sat in this exact spot – this perfect place in this perfect little coffee shop. It has been here through breakups, broken dreams, and bankrupted relationships. I have never been more thankful for one table in my life (actually, it’s more like three, but for the purpose of this little essay, we will combine them into one symbolic spot). I have cried an uncountable number of tears and sung an unnumbered amount of songs. Every book I have read in the last two years has been read sitting in this seat. I have met a myriad of unforgettable people and strengthened the relationships I already had. The heart-to-hearts and get-to-know-yous that have taken place sitting right here are so important.

The amount of times I’ve heard from the Lord, experienced deep, spiritual revelation, and grown closer to my Father sitting here is incomparable. The amount of prayers I’ve prayed, verses I’ve read, and poems I’ve written – there is no number that can sum up the extent of my time here.

Hours upon hours and day after day, week after week and (now) year after year, I have spent my time in this chair, eating an incalculable amount of no-bake cookies and the same number of chai tea lattes.

I have bought socks here that say “butts” on them, and I have also had the most significant encounters with the Lord here. I have edited wedding pictures and senior portraits. I have made calls and set up appointments, filled out job applications and applied for undergrad programs.

It’s my go to spot whenever I’m meeting with a friend or when I’m stressed out of my mind. I can’t study anywhere else but here, and there have been days I’ve sat in this chair for 10 hours straight trying to figure out statistical formulas (thank you math).

I have journaled, drawn, and designed in this chair. This table has the impression of the countless list I’ve made in my planner and the finger prints of thousands of beats I’ve tapped out on it.

There is no other place I have spent so much time, no other place that has seen so much heart transformation, no other place that has really been so safe for me to sit and be me.

I’ve discovered the best new music (shout out to The SLOW) and heard many testimonies.

My heart has rejoiced and mourned in this chair.

I have been crushed and lifted sitting here.

I have been in fights, and I have experienced reconciliation in these chairs.

I have connected with those I never expected to, been deeply challenged by people, prophesied over, and changed. All in this little coffee shop.

DSC_0001God set this chair apart for me to feel safe in – He sat down on the chair next to me and has spoken for many, many hours to the most broken parts of my spirit and the deepest parts of my heart. This coffee shop is amazing, yes, but more than that, my God is so, so good to give me a place that I know I can always go to when I need time, when I need to breath, when I need to cry, and sit with Him.

For all the ways I have been blessed just sitting here, thank you, to everyone involved in this perfect little place, for giving me the space to always have a place to go.


With Love,


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